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Get into Summer Shape by Getting PacWest Strong! Now that our sunny, warm weather has finally arrived, it’s time to start showing off those super fit bodies, right? OK, need a little or a lot of help getting there? PacWest’s CorePac program can help. Unlike indoor, sweaty-smelling gyms, we train completely outdoors in some of the Bay Area’s most spectacular venues. Enjoy training with a like-minded group of participants and veteran instructor. Our 8-week/16-workout Summer Season is designed to strengthen your functional core from head to toe while navigating you and your teammates through some of the coolest parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. Unlike other 60-minute programs, our workouts are 75-minute long allowing for proper warm ups and cool downs with a solid hour of core exercise between. Our Summer Season begins May 29-June 2 and ... Read the full story »

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[1 May 2017 | No Comment | ]
Santa Rosa 140.6 Training Camp – July 7-8 Wrap Up Your Santa Rosa 140.6 Peak Training This is our second Santa Rosa training camp of 2017 and it specifically targets Ironman 140.6 on July 29. This 1.5 day camp is purposely 3 weeks out from race day and intended to be your final weekend of peak training before your three week taper period. It is important to note that this new race has a significant separation between T1 at Lake Sonoma to T2 in downtown Santa Rosa. This in turn creates sizable ... Read More »
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Santa Cruz 70.3 Training Camp – August 19-20 Learn How to Effectively Race Santa Cruz 70.3 Purposely 3-weeks from race day – September 10th, this 1.5 day camp assists you in learning how to tackle the most challenging parts of the 70.3 course. The first being open water ocean swim around the famous Santa Cruz Wharf. The second is the out and back 56 mile ride up the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway. Finally, run the key parts of the half marathon course. The PacWest coaching staff will also share ... Read More »
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Personal Training in New Berkeley Studio Not into group fitness or needing an individual jump start to your training and a “return to a healthy you”. PacWest is proud to offer personal training services in our new studio in Northwest Berkeley. With a long standing focus on improving one’s functional core strength, our new studio comes equipped with everything your body needs to become not just strong but PacWest STRONG! We work with a wide range of clientele including ... Read More »
[6 Jul 2016 | No Comment | ]
Natural Running Form Analysis Run PacWest Strong Whether you’re new to running or a veteran endurance athlete, running healthy and strong are critical to your success on race day. Become a faster runner by becoming a more efficient runner. Head coach Jay Ridgeway and staff have developed a comprehensive and insightful running form analysis program that will assist you in making necessary changes, large and small, in your body movement from head to toe. The purpose of these clinics ... Read More »