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Are You Ready To Get Into Shape This Spring? Why train inside a gym when you can train outdoors in some of the Bay Area’s most spectacular venues. Get outside and enjoy training with a group this coming March! Our 8-week/16-workout Spring CorePac Season is designed to strengthen your functional core from head to toe while navigating you and your teammates through some of the coolest parts of the San Francisco Bay Area. Each week consists of two 75-minute workouts allowing for proper warm ups and cool downs with a solid hour of core exercise between. #BuiltByPacWest #PacWestSTRONG Our 2017 Spring CorePac Season begins March 20-24 and continues till mid-May. EAST BAY REGION Berkeley Evening Program Mon/Wed 6:15-7:30 PM – Starts Monday 3/20 Meeting Location: PacWest office (5th @ Cedar ... Read the full story »

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Personal Training in New Berkeley Studio Not into group fitness or needing an individual jump start to your training and a “return to a healthy you”. PacWest is proud to offer personal training services in our new studio in Northwest Berkeley. With a long standing focus on improving one’s functional core strength, our new studio comes equipped with everything your body needs to become not just strong but PacWest STRONG! We work with a wide range of clientele including ... Read More »
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Santa Rosa 70.3 Camp: April 1-2, 2017 Experience Ironman 70.3 Santa Rosa Before Race Day Join our first of two training camps in 2017 staged from host city Santa Rosa and Lake Sonoma. This first camp is ideal for athletes training for Ironman 70.3 (5/13) and/or Ironman 140.6 (7/29). The camp is 6 weeks out from the May 13th race date and will greatly assist in learning the numerous challenges of this newly designed race. It is important to note that this new race has a significant separation ... Read More »
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San Luis Obispo Camp: March 9-12, 2017 WANT TO BE A FASTER TRIATHLETE? TRAIN LIKE A PRO! San Luis Obispo – March 9-12, 2017 PacWest Athletics is excited to present our 9th annual late winter triathlon training camp. After amazing camps in North Scottsdale, Arizona and Palm Desert, we return to the Central Coast of California for a 4-day intensive training and instructional camp in beautiful San Luis Obispo. Our camp will challenge you to your physical and ... Read More »
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Natural Running Form Analysis Run PacWest Strong Whether you’re new to running or a veteran endurance athlete, running healthy and strong are critical to your success on race day. Become a faster runner by becoming a more efficient runner. Head coach Jay Ridgeway and staff have developed a comprehensive and insightful running form analysis program that will assist you in making necessary changes, large and small, in your body movement from head to toe. The purpose of these clinics ... Read More »