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Ironman Program – IronPac
Ironman Program – IronPac


Our comprehensive IronPac training program is designed to fully prepare you for one of the most challenging and iconic endurance events in the world – Ironman. Unlike our standard triathlon program, TriPac, this program requires (in our professional opinion) that an athlete must work directly with your coach on a one-on-one basis throughout the entire training period to ensure the highest level of success come race day.

USAT10LogoCrtfdRceDrctrsIt is important to understand that this program is long, grueling and requires a great deal of personal sacrifice and commitment not only by you also your significant other, friends, family…and yes also work! Our program duration is a minimum 24 weeks (6 months). For those shooting to complete their first Ironman and have not been physically active in sometime we recommend starting at 32 weeks (8 months) from race day. Contact us to discuss your best options.


Ironman Program Registration
Ironman Program Registration

Ironman one-on-one coaching*:
Premium-level: $250/month non-member. $200/month PacWest member.
Executive-level: $350/month non-member. $300/month PacWest member.
* Minimum six (6) month commitment.

Annual Membership Registration

PacWest annual membership – $150 per year
Significant member benefits and discounts included.
Membership auto-renews each year.

Featured Ironman Events FEATURED 2017 IRONMAN EVENTS Premium-Level* – $250/month non-member, $200/month PacWest member Executive-Level* – $350/month non-member, $300/month PacWest member *Minimum six (6) month training program CLICK HERE>> to register now. Ironman¬†Texas (website) Race date: 4/22/17. Start date: 11/7/16 Ironman Boulder (website) Race date: 6/11/17. Start date: 12/26/16 Ironman Lake Placid (website) Race date: ... Read More »
Ironman Executive-Level Program The IronPac Executive-level program is designed for the time-strapped ‘type-A’ executive or the serious competitive athlete looking to do all the right things necessary to perform at their best for 140.6 miles! This customized program combines a comprehensive endurance training plan with a holistic sports nutrition plan resulting in a winning formula for success. Your PacWest coach and nutritionist work closely together during the entire ... Read More »
Ironman Premium-Level Program The IronPac Premium-level program provides a customized training plan in which you and your coach develop during the training period. Both your strengths and weaknesses are identified and addressed when writing your training plan. Unexpected injuries, illness, personal and work commitments most likely occur during your training. Your coach works with you to adjust your training as needed to ensure you are training smart and not just hard. Each ... Read More »