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Masters Swim Program – SwimPac
Masters Swim Program – SwimPac

Newbie or post-collegiate swimmer turned triathlete? This program is designed for you!

We’re excited to announce that we’ve re-secured half of the Tamalpais High School pool (8-lanes) and have plans to increase our number of Sunday swim workouts throughout most of the calendar year (less our training camps and major team race weekends).

We’re also thrilled to announce our partnership with swim training products manufacturer FINIS this year. We will be integrating several of their most valuable training devices into our swim programming for not only our Sunday swims but our personal and group training program workouts. PacWest will be a valued re-seller of many of their products to give our members the best products at the best price. Become a PacWest annual member to learn more and start saving on all of our key sponsor and partner products.

Where: Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley (map)
Days: Most Sundays during calendar year (View Calendar and Book)
Time: Check-in – 8:15 AM, Swim – 8:30 to 10:00 AM

For personal swim instruction, please see details below.



Program Registration
Program Registration

SwimPac Training Program
Five (5) swims package. $40 PacWest Annual Member. $50 non-member

Personal Coaching Registration

Personal Swim Form Analysis & Instruction
30-min session. $50 Non-PacWest Member. $40 PacWest Annual Member

Annual Membership Registration

PacWest annual membership – $150 per year
Significant member benefits and discounts included.
Membership auto-renews each year.

Personal Swim Instruction Haven’t swam since you were a kid? New to the growing sport of triathlon? PacWest is here to help. Though our Master’s swim program is an excellent way to improve your swimming, there is tremendous value to having a qualified coach work with you one-on-one to start and/or periodically during the training season. For beginners, the coach will teach you the basics of swimming. Learn about general form and technique. You’ll be taught special ... Read More »