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Triathlon Program – TriPac
Triathlon Program – TriPac

Our triathlon program, TriPac, is focused primarily on Olympic and half Ironman distances, a.k.a. Ironman 70.3 or long course. This group-based training program is comprehensive and challenging enough to support both the serious beginner as well as experienced triathlete. New program enhancements combined with ‘hands-on’ coached workouts ensure our athletes are given all of the proper tools and support for success.

USAT10LogoCrtfdRceDrctrsUnlike other triathlon clubs, PacWest is a Bay Area-wide training organization that happens to also be a USA Triathlon club team. Athletes have access to multiple regional coached workouts including track, long runs and bike rides as well as lap and open water swims. Additional workouts are led by team captains or other group members. Special clinics, training camps and workshops are provided during the training season including an early season practice triathlon; swim, bike and run biomechanics analysis; endurance and race day nutrition.

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Program Registration
Program Registration

Group training programs:
24-week program: $600 non-member. $550 PacWest member
20-week program: $500 non-member. $450 PacWest member
16-week program: $400 non-member. $350 PacWest member
12-week program: $300 non-member. $250 PacWest member

Program Registration

Personal one-on-one coaching*:
Executive level:
- $350/month – Non-PacWest Member
- $300/month – PacWest Annual Member
Premium level:
- $250/month – Non-PacWest Member
- $200/month – PacWest Annual Member
* Minimum four (4) month commitment

Annual Membership Registration

PacWest annual membership – $150 per year
Significant member benefits and discounts included.
Membership auto-renews each year.

Santa Cruz 70.3 Training Camp – August 19-20 Learn How to Effectively Race Santa Cruz 70.3 Purposely 3-weeks from race day – September 10th, this 1.5 day camp assists you in learning how to tackle the most challenging parts of the 70.3 course. The first being open water ocean swim around the famous Santa Cruz Wharf. The second is the out and back 56 mile ride up the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway. Finally, run the key parts of the half marathon course. The PacWest coaching staff will also ... Read More »
Santa Rosa 140.6 Training Camp – July 7-8 Wrap Up Your Santa Rosa 140.6 Peak Training This is our second Santa Rosa training camp of 2017 and it specifically targets Ironman 140.6 on July 29. This 1.5 day camp is purposely 3 weeks out from race day and intended to be your final weekend of peak training before your three week taper period. It is important to note that this new race has a significant separation between T1 at Lake Sonoma to T2 in downtown Santa Rosa. This in turn creates sizable ... Read More »
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Program Overview TriPac is a proven, highly successful group training program. Athletes have the option of selecting a 24-, 20-, 16- or 12-week program. Which to choose is dependent upon a combination of one’s current fitness level, available time commitment, and his or her’s triathlon training and race experience. Each program typically begins with a 4-week base fitness build program. During this period the athlete is performing a combination of easy to ... Read More »
Training Locations & Schedule TRAINING LOCATIONS & SCHEDULE East Bay Region Tuesdays @ 6:30pm: Track – Piedmont High, Oakland Saturdays @ 8:30am: All-region group ride * Sundays @ 8:30-10:00am: Masters swim – Tamalpais High, Mill Valley Sundays @ 10:30: All-region group ride – Tamalpais High, Mill Valley Marin County Region Saturdays @ 8:30am: All-region group ride * Sundays @ 8:30-10:00am: Masters swim – Tamalpais ... Read More »