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Fitted by Pedro

My goal is to make you comfortable on your bike using multiple fit methodologies. I take into account any issues you are having on your bike as well as what your athletic goals will be. I will talk you through each step of the fitting, explaining why I am making the changes and adjustments. We will discuss what you will feel on your bike as well as what you can expect on race day or just a normal ride around town. I often say “it’s always good to ask someone questions who is doing your sport”, and that is me- I can relate from my many years of experience racing both road races and triathlons. From road bikes to TT bikes, I am here to help. Nationally ranked as the top Bike Fitter on and other publications for several years now. Website >>

Onsight Chiropractic

Onsight Chiropractic is here to improve your quality of life. With nuanced chiropractic medicine, we resolve injuries to elevate your physical ability and whole health.  Our highly skilled chiropractors and massage therapists will provide you with an individualized treatment plan to meet your needs. We will get you back on the road to wellness so you can get back to the activities you love doing! Website >>