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Personal Training Program
Personal Training Program

Built by PacWest = PacWest Strong

PacWest has an impressive staff of strength & conditioning coaches and certified personal trainers. We offer personal training services for those looking for one-on-one fitness programs to get them into amazing shape.

A PacWest personal trainer is available for individual training sessions (indoor/outdoor) that will completely optimize your training experience. Having a PacWest coach take you through each step of your individually designed program will provide you with hands-on guidance on that will take you to the next level.

We believe the use of functional core training combined with plyometrics, stability and agility drills will help create confidence and self esteem, and increase performance no matter what type activity or sport you do. Our sport specific training will help you minimize your weaknesses and increase your strengths!

The benefits from a properly prescribed functional core strength program:

- Improved strength and power
- Greater range in flexibility
- Increased balance and coordination
- Improved quickness and responsiveness
- Decreased risk of injury
- Development of mental toughness
- Increased confidence and self esteem
- Quicker recovery times
- Focus on improved nutrition for peak performance

We will help you gain all the benefits above, if you give us two things: Commitment and intensity!

Training Equipment:

- TRX Force suspension system
- Rubber hex dumbbells
- Resistance bands
- Balance and stability (Bosu and exercise balls, wobble board, discs)
- Medicine balls
- Jump rope
- Chin up bar
- Flexibility and mobility (rollers, straps, etc)

Contact us for further information and/or arrange a free consultation with one of our strength and conditioning coaches.

Personal Training Registration
Personal Training Registration

One (1) 1-Hour Personal Training Session
$100 – Standard Rate
$80 – PacWest Annual Member (20% off)

Twelve (12) 1-Hour Sessions
$1,140 – Standard Rate ($95/session)
$912 – PacWest Annual Member ($76/session)

Twenty-four (24) 1-Hour Sessions
$2,160 – Standard Rate ($90/session)
$1,728 – PacWest Annual Member ($72/session)

Annual Membership Registration

PacWest annual membership – $150 per year
Significant member benefits and discounts included.
Membership auto-renews each year.